Activity Leaderboard and monthly contests


Activity Leaderboard

CryptoKnights is excited to announce the new Activity Leaderboard. This new leaderboard and score will measure your overall activity and progress, and not solely focus on PvP.

Unlike PvP Score - the Activity Score has a linear scale, which will not suffer from diminishing returns as it, and your knights, continue to grow.

Activity Score

PvP and Story mode victories, daily and champion quests - all boost Activity Score.

Players who were previously not paying much attention to either Story mode, or quests - should start! We hope that completing quests will encourage players to experiment with new weapon types and play styles.

ActivityBase Reward
PvP battle2 / win
Story battle1 / win
Champion quest1 / hour
Daily quest1 / claim

Battle rewards scale with degree of difficulty. If you defeat a more powerful (or less powerful) knight - expect the bonus to scale accordingly.

Unlike PvP Score - losses have no negative impact. Your Activity Score can only go up! Fight often! Take risks!

Monthly contests

Each month, the top 10 players on the Activity Leaderboard will receive free GOLD and SHARDS.

The contest begins, April 1st!

1User 1100,00050
2User 290,00045
3User 380,00040
4User 470,00035
5User 560,00030
6User 650,00025
7User 740,00020
8User 830,00015
9User 920,00010
10User 1010,0005

Legacy/PvP leaders

We have not forgotten our existing top PvP performers. As a surprise gift, CryptoKnights is retroactively rewarding GOLD and SHARDS to the top early adopters!

The top PvP leaders through the end of March 2023 will receive a substantial airdrop!

1User 1500,000250
2User 2450,000225
3User 3400,000200
4User 4350,000175
5User 5300,000150
6User 6250,000125
7User 7200,000100
8User 8150,00075
9User 9100,00050
10User 1050,00025

Thank you

We acknowledge and appreciate everyone's patience, while we try to improve the game, and bring new exciting features!

The first rewards will be delivered on May 1st!

Good luck to all competitors!

Congratulations to all future winners!