Patch 1.1 Notes



For the first major game balance adjustment, the staff has collaborated to bring some much needed changes.

The general consensus - Great Weapon is overpowered. GW Desperation is awful to play against, and awful to watch.

In addition to being transparent, and data-driven, we look forward to future balance adjustments including player feedback!


The nerfs focus on Great Weapon, sweeps, and cards that make the game less fun to play, and observe.

GW Desperation

It's a cheat code
I think it should be removed. You should not be able to take a hit without any effect.
- A
Makes me want to uninstall the game
- L

The prime target of this nerf patch. This playstyle is something we would like to get away from. We do not want to see players backing up into a corner, to cast support spells for 60 seconds - refusing to engage until the fight reaches overtime.

  • Stamina cost from 3 to 5
  • Duration from 15/16/17… to 12/12.5/13…

GW Kick

  • Break block from 75%/76%/77%… to 50%/51%/52%…

GW Sweep

  • Damage from 100%/105%/110%… to 75%/80%/85%…

LS Sharpen

pair with a few low stamina cards and you've got a winner
- S
  • Stamina cost from 3 to 4
  • Duration from 15/16/17… to 12/12.5/13…

LS Sweep

  • Damage from 80%/85%/90%… to 75%/80%/85%…


The buffs focus on Sword & Shield. Many of the cards have a very short range, and are difficult to land.

SS Hemorragia

The worst (Legendary). Costs 8 stamina, but you need to be very close to hit both times. Very easy to block.
- A
  • Stamina cost from 8 to 7
  • Damage from 60%/65%/70%… to 75%/80%/85%…

SS Kick

  • Damage from 40%/45%/50%… to 50%/55%/60%…

SS Sweep

  • Damage from 70%/75%/80%… to 75%/80%/85%…

SS Quick Strike

  • Damage from 65%/70%/75%… to 75%/80%/85%…


GW Whirlwind

A previous nerf attempt saw a stamina cost increase. The new plan: just reduce the effects - which were far too powerful.

  • Stamina cost from 9 to 8
  • Damage from 120%/125%/130%… to 100%/105%/110%…
  • Break block from 50%/51%/52%… to 30%/31.3%/32.6%…

Under Discussion

Many support spells have a low usage rate. Many may be difficult to understand.

GW/LS/SS Shout

Possibly too powerful in the right hands. Possibly useless for most players.

GW/LS/SS Taunt

Potentially dangerous to use. Currently very unpopular.

LS Leapstrike

Appears to be mostly broken. Misses for no reason.