Patch 1.4 Notes



This patch seeks to make the meta more dynamic and unpredictable.

There are currently very few surprises in high-level competitive play. With these adjustments, there should be many new strategic paths for players to experiment with.


The buffs center around cards that are getting little to no use. Many of them are slow, and high-cost. Let's make them more dangerous.

GW Giant Swing

It's big and slow, and has a long follow-through.

  • Damage from 180%/185%/190%… to 200%/205%/210%…

GW Jab

This attack has awkward timing, and never did enough damage to make it useful.

  • Damage from 85%/90%/95%… to 100%/105%/110%…

GW Whirlwind

  • Break block from 48%/50%/52%… to 64%/68%/72%…

GW Wild Swing

  • Damage from 100%/105%/110%… to 110%/115%/120%…

LS Heavy Strike

  • Damage from 120%/125%/130%… to 130%/135%/140%…

LS Knockback

This card does not enjoy the same popularity as SS Knockback.

  • Damage from 135%/140%/145%… to 150%/155%/160%…

LS Slash

Slash attacks serve little strategic purpose. With a damage buff, they may see an increase in competitive usage.

  • Damage from 100%/105%/110%… to 120%/125%/130%…

LS Stagger

LS decks often prioritize speed, and lack any ability to break though blocks. This may give LS players another option to consider.

  • Damage from 120%/125%/130%… to 140%/145%/150%…

SS Dual Strike

  • Damage from 80%/85%/90%… to 90%/95%/100%…

SS Heavy Strike

  • Damage from 110%/115%/120%… to 120%/125%/130%…

SS Slash

See LS Slash.

  • Damage from 90%/95%/100%… to 110%/115%/120%…

SS Strong Parry

Sword & Shield does not have a lot of big Epic attack cards. It has a lot of big Epic block cards - but they are mostly unusable. This adjustment will increase the usability, and make it worth the risk.

  • Activation window from .2 to .33/.34/.35…
  • Damage from 80%/82.9%/85.8%… to 80%/88%/96%…


LS Counter

  • Activation window from .2 to .25/.26/.27…
  • Damage from 100%/115%/130%… to 80%/88%/96%…

LS Dragon Stab

Even with multiple nerfs to it's damage - the mechanics of the card make it too difficult to deal with.

  • Stamina cost from 4 to 6
  • Damage from 64%/80%/96%… to 80%/100%/120%…

SS Redirect

See SS Strong Parry.

  • Activation window from .2 to .33/.34/.35…
  • Damage from 100%/107%/114%… to 80%/88%/96%…


These nerfs center around cards that are difficult or impossible to outplay. Being disabled, or knocked down for long periods of time, is not always fun!

GW Desperation

Enough has been said.

  • Stamina cost from 4 to 5

GW Flurry

The high-level damage output for this was too extreme. It is the only multi-swing GW card that sees signicant use. We hope to see GW Flurry share it's popularity with other big GW attacks.

  • Damage from 65%/70%/75%… to 50%/55%/60%…

LS Pommel Strike

Much like Sweeps, Pommel Strike is being used by highly-skilled players as a way to neutralize their opponent, and set up a chain of attacks.

  • Damage from 130%/135%/140%… to 100%/105%/110%…

LS Reciprocate

May still be the easiest Epic parry card to use.

  • Damage from 65%/70%/75%… to 50%/55%/60%…

SS Brandish

Similar to LS Dragon Stab - this multi-swing Unstoppable attack needs to cost more to use.

  • Stamina cost from 4 to 5

SS Shield Bash

See LS Pommel Strike.

  • Damage from 120%/125%/130%… to 90%/95%/100%…

Coming Soon

We want players to play - and to play a lot.

We are planning to remove the daily EXP hard cap, and instead use a soft cap. This will allow dedicated and passionate players to continue to grow - without limits!

More details to come!