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Terms & Conditions

  • Biggest Lab does not share Customer identifying data with external parties unless explicit consent is given to do so or when the sharing of such data is necessary to complete the action or process by that Customer on behalf of that Customer.
  • Biggest Lab retains a history of Customer usage of their services for functional and auditing purposes. Identifying data is isolated and distinct from event logs and afforded extra protection. BiggestFan Productions does not retain any credit card data.
  • When identifying data is requested about a Customer, Biggest Lab may require extra confirming authorization data such as government issued photo ids or other uniquely identifying interactions in order to confirm that the person making the request is authorized to obtain this information.
  • Biggest Lab maintains frequent and continuous redundant backups of all data in secure locations for business continuity purposes. This data may be physically stored in cloud service providers such as Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean or other providers who have existing data protection and privacy SLAs of their own.
  • Biggest Lab may be legally required by courts with authority where Biggest Lab does business to release Customer data via a court order or other legal demand which Biggest Lab is required to comply with. Biggest Lab resides and does business in the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • Any individual or entity using the services of Biggest Lab agrees to be subject to the above terms and conditions and agrees to hold BiggestFan Productions harmless for their efforts in maintaining compliance with these policies and other legal obligations which it may be subject to.
  • Biggest Lab may update these policies without notice as business and legal requirements necessitate.